Our mission

Foods of the World are to be more enjoyable.
Our company name is originated in Food and Edison.

In order to fulfill our above-mentiomed mission, we’ll create innovations throughout the food market.
The first step of our challenges is forwarded on the field of fisheries.


We contribute to the activation of the fishery industry,
by which make our foods of marine products more enjoyable.

In the fishery industry we create places, where a great variety of seasonal marine products from all over the country are distributed in a fresh state by the innovative logistics system, and where the demand for the marine products is aroused.

Our business



Uo-pochi is the service easily ordering of fishes at the Tsukiji Market, and fishes caught on Japanese nation-wide rich fishing grounds, by only the amount that you want, whenever you want, through your smart phones, tablets, and PC.
At this moment, a total amount of 2,600 restaurants mainly located in Tokyo have been using the service.


Sakana bacca

Sakana bacca is the fish shop, where we provide you of the marine products from the various origins in the more fun way. We manage 5 shops in Tokyo.

Who we are


Tohru Yamamoto, Founder & CEO

After graduation from the Faculty of Engineering, Hokkaido University, Tohru joined the real estate developer. He met with Shuhei Morofuji, the current outside director, with whom he established SMS Ltd. (2175, TSE 1st section) and was appointed to the Board of Directors. Tohru involved in the management at the growth phase after the IPO from it’s start-up. By encountering with a fisherman after leaving SMS Ltd., he got to know the exhausted structure of the fisheries industry. In April 2013, Tohru founded Foodison Inc., aiming at the reconstruction of the fisheries distribution platform by utilizing IT, because he focused that fisheries industry, of which market size was 13 trillion yen, is labor-intensive and also inefficient. He has been operating the company in order to offer the fisheries distribution platform appropriately matching functions from fishing ports to our stomach.


Shuhei Morofuji, Outside Director

Shuhei is also the founder of SMS [2175, TSE 1st section] and has been CEO for 11 years. SMS is one of the largest Asian healthcare information platforms through internet in 13 countries.
SMS has engaged in over 30 businesses, acquired/invested over 20 companies all over the world and has been brought up by Shuhei in $500M market capitalization.
Shuhei has personally invested in about 10 start-up companies and keeps supporting.

He graduated from Kyushu University with B.A. in Economics


Takeo Matsuda, Outside Director and CFO

Takeo joined REAPRA in Jan 2015.
Prior to REAPRA, he has totally 7 years’ successful CFO experiences at Groupon Japan (acquired by Groupon, Inc. [Nasdaq, GRPN]) and Enigmo [3665, TSE Mothers].

His career includes investment banking for TMT sector at Lehman Brothers and audit at Deloitte.
Since 2013 Takeo has been personally supporting more than 10 IT start-ups in Asian countries by seed investing.

He earned MBA from University of Texas at Austin and B.A. in Economics from Keio University.

Itaru Tanimura, Outside Director

In Apr. 1987, Itaru joined McKinsey & Company. He was appointed to the company’s partners in Dec. 1999. In Sept. 2000 he established M3, Inc. as the representative director and CEO (current position). In October 2015, Itaru joined Foodison, Inc. as a outside director.

Corporate Data

Company name foodison, Inc.
Date of the establishment Apr. 1, 2013
Capital 667,099,000 yen
(Including the capital reserve.)
Founder & CEO Tohru Yamamoto
CTO Satoshi Ueda
Outside Director Shuhei Morofuji (REAPRA PTE.LTD. CEO)
Outside Director, CFO Takeo Matsuda (REAPRA PTE.LTD. CFO)
Outside Director Itaru Tanimura (M3, Inc. Representative Director)
Major Shareholders Tohru Yamamoto
REAPRA Ventures Pte Ltd
Major Operations Operation of the fisheries distributed platform using IT
Operation of fish shops “sakanabacca”
Operation of the wholesale service for restaurants “Uo-pochi”
Members 87 members (As of Dec. 1, 2015)
Head Office KEN media bldg. 5F., 3-3-7, Kachidoki,
Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0054 JAPAN
Major Bank MIZUHO BANK, Ltd. Hamamatsu-cho Branch


Mail: info@foodison.jp


KEN media bldg. 5F., 3-3-7, Kachidoki,
Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0054 JAPAN


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